Preventing the Spread of Corona, UNY Limits Activities on Campus

Following up on the development of the situation and conditions to date which shows an increase in the number of Covid-19 patients who are suspect (positive), patients under surveillance (PDP), and people under surveillance (ODP) both in DIY and National, through the Chancellor's Circular No. . 6 / SE / 2020, Yogyakarta State University will limit campus / office activities until March 31, 2020.

Through this Circular, direct directions are given that Lecturers, Education Personnel, and Students are PROHIBITED TO ENTER THE CAMPUS / OFFICE without permission from the Rector or Chair of the Covid-19 Crisis Center UNY (C3 UNY). So it is expected that they will continue to carry out their work duties from home / in their respective residences, except for Security Officers.

Circular No. 6 / SE / 2020 was inaugurated and then disseminated since Tuesday morning, March 24, 2020. Since this appeal was issued, access to / from the campus has been regulated by the Security Officer. The existence of this Circular confirms the policies issued by the Previous Department through a notice board, that all student academic services are face-to-face, be it Final Projects, Thesis Final Projects, etc. Temporarily canceled until further notice. Until now, all academic and learning services can only be done completely online.