Learning facilities:
1. Air-conditioned room
2. LCD Projector
3. Internet connection

Practicum facilities:
1. Machining Workshop
2. Fabrication Workshop
3. Metrology Laboratory
4. Applied Mechanics Laboratory
5. Material & Processing Laboratory
6. CADD Laboratory
7. CNC & CAD/CAM Laboratory
8. Physics & Energy Conversion Laboratory
9. Pneumatic & Hydraulic System Laboratory
10. Maintenance and Repair Laboratory
11. Engine Control and Automation Systems Laboratory

All laboratories and workshops are equipped with adequate facilities. Practicum is hands on experience with one machine for one student. Students and the general public can particpate to vocational training and competency certification through a certified training center supported by TUK-JPTM FT UNY No Reg: TUK / 074 LSP-LMI.